Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's all in the sauwse

You read it right.  Sauwse.  I couldn't believe it at first either. 

My husband came home from work one night telling me about this crazy video he found.  EpicMealTime.  He found something on zombies.  I rolled my eyes.  I mean, come on ... a bunch of guys trying to make a meal with a ton of calories??  Well, I was a good wife and sat down to suffer for the next two minutes of my life.  I admit, at first, I glared at my husband like he had lost his mind.  You know the look.  The scrunched up nose glare that reads "REALLY???"  Yeah, that one.  Then he just had to show me more.

I.  Got.  Hooked.

So guess what?  I'm going to hook you all in with some Candy Sushi.  I would eat this.  I know half of you would too if you have a sweet tooth like me.  Enjoy, and bon appetite!


Charity said...

Ha! I've seen these before. My teenage son made me watch the one where they make a giant hamburger out of other fast food restaurant meals. They are addictive, especially since they are getting drunk the entire time =)

Liv said...

Okay, I might try the candied bacon in rice crispie treats, but then I get off the bus.

Blue Remy said...

Lol, Patron Rules! I have honestly had to look away a couple of times. I have OCD and my food can't touch, so a few of their shows has made me gag.

Blue Remy said...

I hear you. I am trying very hard not to fall off the bus. It's a hard road to walk.

BabyDoll said...


Blue Remy said...

Looks like a scrumptious meal huh?