Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year, New Rules...

I have actually come to the point where I have a staff..
Yes, you heard me right, a STAFF!
Bless them, they don't get paid, but are two of the most amazing women (I say women so my husband doesn't feel left out of the equasion) that I know. I guess you could say that they get paid.. In hugs.. And lots of love.. And kisses from Sarge!! (:

Raven has continued to poke and prod in the back of my mind. I think she has been trying to get my attention. She has succeeded. So I'm laying down the motorcycles, romance and law enforcement to letting Raven have her fun.. Killing people, of course! Right now the Spider fae, Essy, is pushing her luck... What will happen to her? I have a few ideas... But nothing I am willing to share right now. Na-na-na-na-boo-boo!! Dont you  just hate me!! Bwahaha!!!

So my head admin and I have found this incredible website that actually let me design the first book cover and OHEMGEE!! Amazing! It's so good that I want to make it the wallpaper on my phone! It's almost better than chocolate. Notice I said, almost.

Doesn't that just make you wanna... Nevermind.. You get the gyst.
It's actually making me want to go thru and design every single book cover for every single book that I may happen to write in the future (and some I'm not even planning on writing)!

Well, until next time;
Stay Evil!!


Jo Denton said...

Looks soooo cool!! Love it! The colors and design simply rock!

Margaret said...

The book cover looks fantastic - maybe you're on to something predesigning the book cover - because I'm so visual in my thinking if I visualised a cover I think I could go a long way to developing the story quite quickly. I might just try that.