Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brand New Look and Line Up

How are all my sweet, saucy eebil minions? Good, I hope! I'm doing okay on this end. Just tweeking my blog some, changing it up, because I am oh so good like that. Muwahahaha!

So, enough tooting my own horn. I decided to starting branding. Yes, it felt like a band-aid was being ripped off, I won't lie. It's hard changing old habbits and starting new ones. Guess what? We did it!

I love themes, don't you? They're great! You can do so much with them. Huh? Oh, what are they?

- Shots Sunday
- Music Monday
- Wicked Wednesday

Yummy, I know.

How is this going to work? Let me tell you... Starting us off will be Shots Sunday. It'll look something like this:


Yes, doesn't this shot look yummy? I know it does, and so does everyone else. Something about fire always draws me to it. Moth to the flame? Probably. Something completely untouchable that you've just got to have but can't? Oh yeah. Got to love the flavor too. Nothing in the world like it. Why did I pick the B52 for this example? Because my Mom actually worked on them and it brings back a lot of memories. I used to love to listen to her talk about them, look at the pictures she'd bring home and let's face it, planes mean freedom to soar. There's that whole untouchable thing again....

Okay... so Music Monday is next, right? Well, this is how this will work. I'll posty a song that touches me, or maybe a video, or maybe a guest blogger will. You never know.

Angie and her band are wonderful. I completely support our troops, but hey, I'm a military wife. It's my job. Angie also represents dreams to me, and how she made hers come true, just like I've made mine. Sure, having a great voice is just a plus. (Kidding Angie! You are great, love you!)

And last but not least ... Wicked Wednesday! Oh yeah, baybay! Anything goes. What makes you wicked? Is it a recipe? A candy? A movie? You name it, I'm going to post it. I even take requests! Just drop me a line at and I'll see just what I can do for you.

Until the next time,
Stay Eebil!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Say what!?

Remember Wayne's World?  "Excuse me?  I cunt hear you!  I have an ear infuction!"  Yeah, you know exactly what I'm talking about, and don't lie.  I'm sure every single one of you have used those lines.  I know I have, especially when someone sideblinds you with something that you believe in.

Take my guest blogger for example.  Newly signed author, Amy Gregory, was just slapped in the face by her daughter's school programming.  Left in a daze, I let her rant her little heart out here.  So, I'm going to turn the soap box over to Amy.

Rant away!


Ok, so I’m not one to complain about my school district.  I know just how fortunate I am to have my kids in the schools they are in.  HOWEVER!!!

Having said that, I am an author.  I make people up, situations, storylines, their feelings all of it.  This is what I love to do, it is my passion.  So imagine my surprise when at ‘freshman night’ at the high school when the English department made the statement – from now on the kids will only be focusing on learning to write research papers, essays and etc.  The things they’ll need to know in college.  They won’t be writing any of the fluffy poems and creative and fun stuff of middle school.

Hmmmmm?  EXCUSE ME?  I took a moment to breathe, not wanting to spontaneously combust and embarrass my daughter who was now slinking down in her chair at the smoke billowing out of my ears.  Oh hell no!  I did not just hear that right – did I? 

Apparently, I did!

They went on to further explain how that was not a necessary part of the high school curriculum, or what they’d need for college.  Ok?  Well, um, what if they want to be a….. WRITER???  Oh, I guess those books in the library – the state of the art library that we were sitting in at the time, mind you – just magically appeared on the shelves from authors of long ago.  That no new ideas are written about, no new worlds explored, no new loves found.  So apparently they don’t need to teach it anymore.

Again, let me state, I’m so lucky to be in the district we’re in.  They have some of the most outstanding programs in the country.  Our public schools surpass any private school around, these kids are ready for college.  I guess it just floors me, when you tell me that my love, my passion, my job isn’t worth the piece of paper I write on, teaching MY kid about.  Or any kid for that matter.  It makes me sad to think, that something that has lasted as long as time itself, may not be important to our future.  At least in the eyes of those who decide what is taught in schools today.  College isn’t for everybody, however learning to write, most certainly is.  Maybe not the next Shakespeare masterpiece, maybe not the next Odyssey or even one of Charles Dickens’ works of art.  But maybe something as simple as an endearing thank you note, or their own wedding vows. 

So, now that I’ve said my piece, I’ll go back to what I love.  Writing.  And NO, it’s not for a college essay! 


Now, with that being said, I'm going to leave you with some video fun!  Let me know what you think about schools who dictate what is good or not good for your children.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When You Wish Upon A Star

"All of our dreams can come true,
if we have the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney

I have been taking the blogging course "Blogging to Build Brand" by Kristen Lamb and have learned many many things.  One of the things that I have learned is to always be real.  Be yourself.  Be 3-Dimensional.  Involve others, promote others, give thanks. 

I'm here today to do all of that. 

Once in a while, we need to talk about ourselves, giving insight on who we are.  Perhaps a form of a biography.  Writing down 100 individual words that describe me helped so much to figure out what I want to blog about, or directions that I can take it.  I'm random.  I always have been, always will be. 

So, here we are.  You and me.  Bored yet?  I promise you won't be much longer.  Want to know why?  I'm going to tell you a few things about myself and about the people who helped me get where I am.

Let's touch on my first book, "From Hel, With Love".    How did I get started?  D&D.  Yeah, you remember that board game in the early 80's???  Yup, the one that every parent screamed was the Devil's playground along with Metallica?  YES!  I saw that lightbulb ignite!  You know exactly what I'm talking about.  My step-brother had a D&D game night once a week with his friends.  One got grounded, so he asked me to be the Dungeon Master.  Boy, was that a mistake.  I had WAY too much fun creating worlds and scenes for them to play with.  I finally begged to create a character, and thus, Raven was born.

Raven quickly became a household name for me.  I'd come up with adventures for her at his next game night, try and have Raven kick his characters butt.  It kind of got out of hand, Raven was always on top, and he finally got mad and wouldn't let me play any more.  At that point, I decided to write down some adventures, short little stories of her adventures that I didn't want to ever forget. 

BAM!  A dream was born.

The early 90's hit and we all know what became popular then.  V:tM aka Vampire:  the Masquerade.  Toreadors, Ravnos, Brujah.  Raven went from demon to vamp.  It just didn't work.  Raven was so complex that changing her up wouldn't work, so we discovered AOL's Rhy'Din.  Lord have mercy upon anyone who crossed our path. 

I honestly think that is where my writing skills developed to their fullest.  My imagination was running wild, Raven was becoming more than a character, but a part of me and I knew that I needed to tell her story to the world.  How could I not?? 

Another dream was born.  I wanted Raven in print, and her world that I created. 

I wished upon a star.

I've made quite a few friends when I decided to take my dreams to the next level.  I have to give many thanks to Charity Parkerson, Johanna Denton, Amy Lichtenhan, Katie Henson, Joanna Shupe, Amy Gregory, Diane Hattaway and last but not least, Sapphire Star Publishing.

No, no, I'm not forgetting my hubby, Daisy or Sarge.  Not by any means.  They support me in everything I do.  Charity became an immediate friend and helped me with my self esteam with Raven.  She kept pushing me to take chances and because of her, I took the step and spoke with Katie.  Johanna is a sister, already having been a close friend, though we only get to see eachother about twice a year, the texts and calls and emails between us, bouncing idea's off of eachother, I'm sure our hubby's are sick of it.  Amy G .. well.  She's the Thelma to my Louise.  We hit it off immediately, and well, the rest is history.  Amy and Katie are my new family in the publishing world.  These two believe in Raven and I, giving us a chance to shine and become a household name.  Diane.  Well, Diane is a whole new world.  She's helped me more than I can ever say.  Basically has been my personal assistant.  She would spur on my idea's, give me a few to run with and we'd both be scribbling these idea's down on the back of projection schedules, notebooks or napkins.  What fun.

I guess what I'm trying to get out here, is that I have a great family and awesome friends, and without every one of you, I wouldn't have had the dream I had come true, that wishing upon my star would have been just that.  A wish.

Wishes can come true.  I'm living proof of that.

Tell me your dreams and wishes, and let's make them come true.