Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Please... Silence Your Phones

As most people know, I am the GM of an REG Theatre.  One thing that is in my blood, is entertainment.  Whether it be music, books or movies.  I.  Love.  It. 

Most parents who go to the movies spend a ton of money on tickets,  concessions and babysitters.  When they go to a 7 o'clock showing of a movie they've been waiting for for months, they don't want to listen to a baby crying, ruining the evening they've waited on having for so long.  Most theatres have installed a policy stating that No child under the age of four may be admitted to movie unless it is G to PG rated and deemed a family movie.  Let me tell you, I did a jig!  Granted, it pisses of more people who are not considerate of "date night", but I get more pats on the back than not.

I admit it.  I cannot sit in any of my auditoriums during normal business hours.  I will end up going postal and probably kill someone.  Between the talking and TEXTING, I cannot even enjoy a simple movie any more.  To cure this, a policy was created at our theatre.  Not only does Sprint or AT&T send us the "Please Silence Your Phones, No Texting or Talking During The Movie" signs, but if my staff or I have to speak to you more than twice, you are escorted out of the theatre, no refund given.  Of course, when you remove a teenager for texting the whole time, it wasn't them.  You're lying!  I have often pointed to the sign and have asked them if they can read it, since it is plainly posted on the ENTRANCE of the auditorium, and they read it out loud just fine.  I then ask them if they saw the ad that says not to text, and I get a grumbled yes.   When asked why they do it, and I get told they weren't, but yet there I was standing over them, watching them, but I'm a dumb adult.  I don't know anything.

I think the Alamo Drafthouse has it right.  I honestly WISH we could show this video and get away with it.  I think it would solve some problems, and maybe I wouldn't have to wait until midnight to watch a movie, because I'd hate to be the first GM in history to get kicked out of their OWN theatre because she opened a can of whoop ass all over someone for texting.

Enjoy the video.  I know I did.  Don't forget to drop me a comment on your pet peeves in a theatre too!


April Plummer said...

That was great! And I didn't know about the under 4 rule. We hardly ever go to the theater for a few reasons - my husband really hates crowds, it's expensive, we'd rather chill at home with our surround sound and alcohol and the bathroom across the way and cuddling on the couch. I do take Kylie to some of the particularly good looking kids' movies when they come out, but that's it.

Blue Remy said...

I know we do at my theatre, and I love the policy. I do have to agree that cuddling on the couch with some alcohol would be fun lol

Ellen said...

A theatre near me (The Astor Theatre) has introduced designated twitter sessions when screening classic movies, so people can tweet favourite bits and quote throughout the movie. But if you're tweeting you have to sit on the downstairs level (it's an old art decco 2-level theatre with a massive screen).

Blue Remy said...

THAT is cool. I would enjoy something like that.

Laird said...

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alabamagoddess said...

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