Friday, January 20, 2012

Mascots or Our Babies?

Everyone loves animals.  Period.  They always bring a smile to our faces on the days that we feel horrible, they know when you're not feeling good and cuddle right up, or when you want to play, they're right there waiting.

These are my babies, and mascots.  Daisy is my oldest, a rottie, and acts like she is still a 70lbs lap dog.  She will actually say please when you ask her, and talks like our favorite Wookie:  Chewbacca.  She has a favorite stuffie that she is pictured with, a horse aptly named "Horsie" and carries it around much like a child, snuggles with it and even takes it to bed with her.  She has great charisma and is a well rounded family dog.

Sarge is the baby, but wears the pants.  He thinks he is ten foot tall and bullet proof and rules the roost.  He has a personality that terrorizes the best of us, loves to play a game we call "Get the paws", keeping his paws away when you try and grab them, and he loves fetch.  He won't hesitate to tear up Daisy's stuffies, but has had a squeekie since he was 8 weeks old that he will fight a pit bull over.  No one touches it.  His soft side is with me, he loves to give me hugs and cuddle up when he's cold, but otherwise, very independent.

I call them my mascots because when it comes to writing, they're always right there, whether it is Daisy wanting attention or Sarge trying to crawl onto my lap or walking across my keyboard.  Either way, it causes laughter, which is the best medicine at any given time.

What about you?  Any babies that rule your world?  Do they act like they think they're human and pout when you scold them?  How're their personalities?    Do tell, I'm dying to know if mine are the only ones who think they're people!

Until next time,
Stay Evil!


Charity said...

So cute!!

Anonymous said...

My dog thinks she's a cat.

Blue Remy said...

How so? What does she end up doing?

KD Sarge said...

My cat Ravenclaw is my familiar. ;)

Blue Remy said...

Daisy is mine. Goddess forbid if I break out the tarot or my herbs. She gets right in the middle of it.