Monday, November 5, 2012

Better Than Cupcakes??

Everyone knows that I am a cupcake whore. I admit it. If they had a 12-step Program for Cupcake Addicts, I'd be the President. 

What's better than cupcakes? Valentino Pilate.

'nuff said.

Every author has a character that rocks their world, that they fall in love with; or in every essence, becomes their baby. Valentino is that for me. He is one of those characters that I spents months researching back history for, years perfecting timelines and stories for his history and getting his personality down to a "T". I have spent hours role playing him on line in AOL chat rooms, I have also played him in my own forums and have now moved him to my XIII Hour™ series as the Grima Blasa Konungr aka Vampire King.  He is sensual, dark, mysterious, animalistic, raw and dangerous. Everything about him screams, "Save me." And yet you know he doesn't need saving, does he?

To describe Tino is like describing a God or an Adonis. He is six foot four, sculpted and toned, caramel kissed skin, his chest is lightly peppered with hair to taunt and tease us with. His hair is dark brown with highlights of captured fire, his eyes tri-coloured silver, blessed by a Fae.

To find a picture of someone to represent Tino is like finding a needle in a haystack.  I am a very visual person. I like to see what I am describing at times. I tried to find a picture of someone, and I found Mikeal Kenta as inspiration... but I wanted someone real, someone that had personality... someone that could breathe life into Valentino.

I ended up becoming friends with an awesome guy on Facebook, Joe Quintanilla.  He was putting up pictures of some actors that he knows for a show that he runs called "Necronomicast". I spotted a black and white  photo of an actor and was like "Ohemgee!  he could pass as Maelstrom!" and commented on the picture.  Joe was polite and told me to PM him and we started talking about the actor.  I got to looking at other pictures of this actor, and my heart stopped.

I was staring at Valentino.

Before I knew it, Joe was introducing me to the amazing Clint Glenn Hummel.  He is perfect for Valentino. After telling him about the series and about the character, Clint gave me permission to use his likeness for Tino.

If I could have reached through the screen to kiss him, I would have. 

I am still walking on cloud nine. I can't stop smiling. AND if The XIII Hour™ ever does become a silver screen adaptation ... Yes, Clint WILL be cast as the ever so sensual Valentino Pilate.

Without further adieu, may I present Clint Glenn Hummel as Valentino Pilate:


Friday, November 2, 2012

Dance In The Graveyards

Yeah, I know. The title has nothing to do with this post, I just love the song by the Delta Rae Band. I do have it posted at the end, it just ROCKS!

I am using this post to VENT and perhaps get some fantabulous idea's from you guys. I get that pesky little thing called writers block from time to time and it bites major ass.  I hate it, and sometimes, what puts me into it, is the fact that I am blocking my creativity with the simple blockage of a darn title.

Like for book two.

Book two is written in my head, 1/2 penned out ... has a title that I do not like.  It's too long, too mushy and just does not fit the premise of the book the way I want it too. The littlest things like this are like doors slamming in my face. I cannot move on if I get book blocked!  UGH!

I've thought about putting together a little gift bag with like a t-shirt, magnet, bookmark, etc ... and have a contest on naming book two.  What do you guys think?  Let me know, I'm DYING HERE!!!!

On another note.... OHEMGEE!!!  I am loving this new Zombie Run app!  This rocks!  I am on Level 3 and I am actually looking forward to running from the zombies tonight.  I also started my liquid diet and am hoping to lose 30 lbs this month.  Wish me luck!

Now.. on with the amazing music!