Monday, October 1, 2012

You got "The Look"

Okay, so I got picked by Jojo and Amy to do this whole "Look" blog post thingy.  As we all know, I HATE blogging, which is why Josh has pretty much taken it over. But hey, I couldn't pass this up.

So, you're supposed to pick your favorite paragraphs that surround the word "look" in your current WIP.  Well, From Hel is my WIP, so here is my choice ...

“Put. Me. Down.” Each word was laced with venom as she stared up at Maelstrom’s face. It was a silent order to do exactly as she commanded while she moved against the unsolicited touch, or he was going to face a punishment he might not like.

            “Easy, Raven, he was just trying to help.” Annabel sniffled as she looked up in adoration at Maelstrom, forcing an eye roll from everyone in the office.

All Annabel got was a look from Raven who swallowed down the instinctual urge to slit the Viking Chieftain’s throat as he set her to her feet.
There ya go kiddies!  It was part of the opening scene, a teaser if you might say ...
Now, I'm supposed to name five authors to follow me in my footsteps and well, I suck because I don't know everyone's blogs, and well, every one has pretty much done it, so I am tagging a butt ton on FacePage and forcing them to do it.  That's right, hate me later!  <3


Anonymous said...

You're on! I'm gonna do it and that means you're gonna have to come over to my blog and read it. :)

Johanna Denton said...

Sweet! Love it! Can't wait to read the book, Blue. So excited about it.
Your characters reach out and grab me by the throat and don't let go. Reading the whole book is going to be some fr**ng awesome experience. LOL

JustinBog said...

Hi Blue, I've been putting together my U Got The Look post and it will probably be up within the hour, but I wanted you to know I thank you for tagging me. I like these writerly prompts. Charity also tagged me a little before you did and I highlight both of you with a return link to both of the Look posts. Really great excerpt you have. Nice to be close to your writing world. Justin