Sunday, September 30, 2012

Let get this party started!

Well let's get this shit started! As everyone can imagine Blue is busy as hell with her book, and in a lapse of good judgement she has given me (her husband) permission to post on her blog at my discretion. She is in serious trouble! (insert evil laugh here)
I will be popping in occasionally to give updates on how Blue is doing as well as giving insight into what it is like to live in the world of the Dark Princess of fairy tales. And I should warn you now it is chaotic, hectic, and very random. Haha
Today was Blue's first day of her Wonder Woman transformation workout. And I have the pleasure of guiding her along this path towards her goal of dressing as Wonder Woman for the release party of the new Superman movie in March 2013.
She is extremely motivated but after her workout today she is feeling a little whooped. I know she can do this and will definitely be keeping you all updated on her progress.

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Tina Peterson said...

I know she has been very busy lately! It's very cool of you to help her out and support her! Kudos to you two! I know she is gonna rock that wonder woman costume! Can't wait to see it!