Sunday, October 7, 2012

At it again!

That's right everyone I've done it again, Blue is once again limping around the house cussing me under her breathe. Today's training involved a 30 minute run....of course I just couldn't resist adding a hill for her to sprint up. Hahaha 👿! As I push her towards her goal one step at a time it never ceases to amaze me just how motivated she can be. Even after she was sweating, wore out and gasping for breathe she wanted to know the details of the next work out.

Now to move on to one of OUR favorite topics HALLOWEEN or as we refer to it Samhain. That's right it's October and in our house that means an entire month of horror movies and ghost hunts. I would say decorations but they stay up year round around here. And we love it that way! Even as I type this Blue is glued to the television watching the third installment of the Exorcist. Horror movies and supernatural shows are a way for her to energize her creatively complex mind. It's almost like watching a battery on a charger : )

Well I think that's a wrap until next time. But before I go maybe some of you out there have questions about Blue you want answered, and if you do feel free to ask....just beware you never know what I might say next.

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