Monday, September 26, 2011

Normality at It's finest

All I can say is UGH.

Huge word huh?

I know.  I know.

I don't know what to even say here.  I'm in a total block of any sort of words.  I'm not sure where to even start.  I've got so much going through my brain, that it won't even come out on paper. 

Doing this writing contest for Mills & Boon New Voices 2011, has helped me more than I can really say.  I have met several other authors that have helped me emensely.  Maggie (@charitygirlblog), Katherine (@katherinelbone), Christine (@ccmackenzie1), Joanna (@joannashupe) and Alexx (@momcat_reviews).  Even when the voting and the comments get you down, this women bring you back up.  They are a beautiful support group and I honestly couldn't have asked for more.

I believe things happen for a reason.  The Fates push you in the general direction, and you just have to roll with it, no matter what hand you are dealt.  I believe that I was given a tiny push into this contest to meet these wonderful women and broaden my horizons and expand on my writing knowledge.  These ladies have helped more than I could ever explain, and I hope that one day, I can repay the favor.

So, here I come to my own form of blooper.  I'M STUCK!  Writers block is the boogyman needing a beatdown.  I got two notebooks to scribble out idea's, outlines, etc, as Christine advised.  I got one for future book(s) and one for current.  I have one book fully outlined, the biginning of another idea ... and yet, I am friggen blocked with my current.  I can't get past a point.  I know where I want to go with it, but just can't seem to get there.  Nothing pisses me off more than petering out just when it starts to get good.

If any of you have an idea to get my brain back into gear, please, part with this knowledge!

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Charity Girl said...

Sometimes I find a complete break helps - swimming,running or whatever. I've also used collages to bring out themes - that can have quite unexpected results (if you search for collage on my blog you'll find the post about it). Flash fiction is really good - writing little out of sequence snippets of a characters past or future can help me understand their motivation and work out what they would do.