Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brand New Look and Line Up

How are all my sweet, saucy eebil minions? Good, I hope! I'm doing okay on this end. Just tweeking my blog some, changing it up, because I am oh so good like that. Muwahahaha!

So, enough tooting my own horn. I decided to starting branding. Yes, it felt like a band-aid was being ripped off, I won't lie. It's hard changing old habbits and starting new ones. Guess what? We did it!

I love themes, don't you? They're great! You can do so much with them. Huh? Oh, what are they?

- Shots Sunday
- Music Monday
- Wicked Wednesday

Yummy, I know.

How is this going to work? Let me tell you... Starting us off will be Shots Sunday. It'll look something like this:


Yes, doesn't this shot look yummy? I know it does, and so does everyone else. Something about fire always draws me to it. Moth to the flame? Probably. Something completely untouchable that you've just got to have but can't? Oh yeah. Got to love the flavor too. Nothing in the world like it. Why did I pick the B52 for this example? Because my Mom actually worked on them and it brings back a lot of memories. I used to love to listen to her talk about them, look at the pictures she'd bring home and let's face it, planes mean freedom to soar. There's that whole untouchable thing again....

Okay... so Music Monday is next, right? Well, this is how this will work. I'll posty a song that touches me, or maybe a video, or maybe a guest blogger will. You never know.

Angie and her band are wonderful. I completely support our troops, but hey, I'm a military wife. It's my job. Angie also represents dreams to me, and how she made hers come true, just like I've made mine. Sure, having a great voice is just a plus. (Kidding Angie! You are great, love you!)

And last but not least ... Wicked Wednesday! Oh yeah, baybay! Anything goes. What makes you wicked? Is it a recipe? A candy? A movie? You name it, I'm going to post it. I even take requests! Just drop me a line at and I'll see just what I can do for you.

Until the next time,
Stay Eebil!


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Look at you, kiddo!

Well done, great post! I shall join you today!


Blue Remy said...

Awwah, thank you Christine! That means a lot to me! <3