Monday, August 29, 2011


Thank Goddess for motorcycle rides.  I must say, I. Am. Spoiled.  No if's, and's or but's about it.  What started out as a quick ride to Biloxi for ice cream, turned out to be a 12 hour long ride.  That gave me PLENTY of time to think about where I want Raven's book to go.  But, it also caused a ton of questions in my mind about my characters in the Murder.  Each one has a specific breed they are, how Raven met them, her emotional connection to them, etc.  When it came down to it, I started confusing myself.

Of course, if anything could go wrong with the ride, it did.  My husband's bike decided it was time to have a hiccup.  We lost all gauges, no fuel gauge, no headlight, no brake light.  Yup.  So, the boys put in a new fuse.  Thought everything was great, even though we almost ran out of gas, when Murphy's Law decided to raise its ugly head, and the fuse blew instantly.  We raced home, trying to get the bike to the shop before the boys ran out of light on the way home.

While they fixed it, a friend came over and we drank a pot of coffee and chatted.  Okay, I chatted, she listened.  I had to bounce my idea's off of someone.  I'm glad I did.  I now know where to go, what breed a couple of characters are, which one is completely unique and I've NEVER seen done (besides me, cause I rock like that).  I've even meshed out where I'm taking the first book, who the comic relief is, cause with a character as serious as Raven is, you need that laugh, and how I'm doing it all.

Thanks, Mynda... I needed that ear.


BabyDoll said...

You are quite welcome! Glad I could be some form of help!!!

Blue Remy said...

I'll need lots more!